Comfortable fine battened street and mall seating with arched legs. Manufactured using fine timber battens to create a more inviting, warmer seating, with slats that allow for quick drainage.

Finished with a choice of clear preserve, anti-graffiti preserve
or colour of choice.





Robust design

Manufactured using Recycled Australian Hardwood
(click here for Recycled Australian Hardwood information)

Timber comes with a standard clear preserve or anti-graffiti preserve

Former clamp has concealed stainless steel cap screw fixings for vandal resistance

Each batten is secured twice into the seat former

Base, upper seat profile and legs are fabricated from cast aluminium

Aluminium is pre-treated and powder coated for durability
(click here for pre-treatment information)

Above ground mounting

Choice to manufacture from other specified hardwood

Available with or without armrests

Project logo or emblem can be included in seat design