Recycled Australian Hardwood

At Australian Streetscape we utilise Certified Recycled Australian Hardwood in the manufacture
of a number of our furniture products due to its environmentally friendly attributes, durability and character.

Typically, the Australian Hardwood species we use scores above 10.0 (Very hard) on the
Janka Hardness rating which makes them ideal for applications in high traffic environments.
This compares to Jarrah which scores 8.5 and Kwilla which scores 8.6.
Note: The Janka hardness scale is a universally accepted measurement for the relative hardness of any timber.

We source our timber through a world class recycling facility where it is batched,
machined and inspected and once received by Australian Streetscape we have a second
internal quality process which ensures a common grain and texture on each specifc project.

Some of this timber is reclaimed from redundant historic
landmarks and therefore adds character to the new products in which it is formed into.
Each batch of furniture is supplied with a “Letter of Timber Origin” giving details
of the previous life of the timber.